Media Players & Servers

Media Players, Servers & Signage

Brightsign XD1030 Media Player

A compact media player capable of HD video playback, scheduling, network sync and more. The XD1030 has a GPIO port for user interaction.
Day: £25.00
Week: £75.00

Brightsign HD210 Solid-State Media Players

Compact media player, support scheduling, and multiple player synchronisation over LAN (or wi-fi for the HD210W model). Plays HD video. HDMI, VGA & Audio outputs.
Day: £25.00
Week: £75.00

Brightsign XD230 Compact Solid-State Digital Media Players

Compact digital media player supporting multiple HD video zones, HTML5, and much more. These units can be synchronised over LAN, content can be scheduled. Various outputs include HDMI and VGA.
Day: £25.00
Week: £75.00

Brightsign HD210W Wireless Media Player

The HD210W has all the features of the HD210, with additional wireless connectivity.
Day: £25.00
Week: £75.00

Brightsign 4K242 4K Media Player

This is an ultra-reliable, fan-less, solid-state, commercial 4K player supporting all of the new technology standards of the 4K ecosystem for true 4K playback, in conjunction with the standarad Brightsign feature set.
Day: £40.00
Week: £120.00

Mac Mini / Q Lab Server / Catalyst / Keynote / Powerpoint

Mac Mini that can be configured with various licences as required, enabling use as a media server.
Day: £80.00
Week: £240.00

Macbook Pro / Q Lab Server / Catalyst / Keynote / Powerpoint

Macbooks can be supplied with licences for use as media servers, or to facilitate keynote or powerpoint presentations.
Day: £100.00
Week: £300.00

Catalyst / Pixelmad Media Server (64 Bit Mac Pro)

Professional Media Server with Pixelmad, for running multiple video screens from a DMX lighting desk, midi controller or custom presets. LFG4 and Blackmagic Intensity Pro capture cards. 32 layers, 16 mixes supporting up to 6 unique screens of content which can be manipulated in realtime. Flightcased with a UPS.
Day: £400.00
Week: £800.00

“We service all types of AV work, from the basic powerpoint presentation right up to festival and arena shows“